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Saturday May 19 Pickle Recap: Local Lineup and Tale of Us

21 May

My dear friends J. and D. took me to the Electric Pickle Saturday May 19 for an unforgettable experience.

We arrived at 7 p.m. to hear local DJs throw a free party in celebration of a couple birthdays and graduations. The party lasted until midnight and was outside on the back patio. The lineup included: Basti, Uchi, Jonny Cruz, Baez, Jeremy Ismael, Robert Tellier, Chung Arguello and Jeremias.

This was my first time hearing most of these DJs live (I had seen a few spinning at last weekend’s Wynwood Art Walk) and I was over the moon at how well-curated the sets were. The mugginess from sporadic evening showers didn’t stop everyone from dancing their little behinds off. J. and D. told me the Pickle was like home to EDM fans in Miami, and most of the local DJs were like family. This was clear to a newcomer like myself; I fell instantly in love with the absence of any pretense. I was welcomed with open arms.

In my opinion, the crowd-pleasing Jason Baez was the highlight of the early party, as he channeled the energy of the warmed-up crowd and gave us the beats our bodies had been searching for and building up to. Jeremy Ismael also threw down some funky jams that really resonated with the heady atmosphere. At one point I remember telling D, “That’s some funky shit!”

The early party was winding down so we left Pickle for food around 11:30. A lovely interlude at trendy eatery GiGi (check out more recs on my Bon Apetit page) offered much needed rest and fresh, innovative cuisine. We then made the smart decision to head back to the Pickle to see Tale of Us play in the upstairs main room, the highlight of the night, the main event. Honestly, we were on the fence since we had been partying there all evening, but the rest of J. and D.’s friends were there.

Tale of Us

I am so glad we did. I haven’t been to such a fun party in a long time. In New York I see EDM shows at a variety of venues, including but not limited to Good Units, Yotel, The Marcy Hotel, Submercer, WIP, Cielo, Music  Hall of Williamsburg, and a variety of rooftops and warehouses in Bushwick. I am by no means the most experienced partier there is, but in my opinion no one does it quite like the Pickle upstairs. I think the combination of intimacy, great sound and tasteful lighting makes for an environment that just feels right.

The three of us quickly realized how packed upstairs was as we had to fight our way to get there. Once there, our voices were drowned out by the insane volume and it remained difficult to speak for the next few hours. The hairs on my arms danced in sync with the bass which was so mind-blowing and body-shaking, one of our friends actually felt sick from it. But not I– I was in heaven.

We made our way up to the DJ booth to say hello to some friends and I was pleased by the sexiness of the crowd. Bathed in red light, with the occasional dose of projected smoke and just the right amount of laser light, these people were having a blast and looked like the kind I wanted to stop and chat with. I’m not saying there weren’t sketchy people present (there are always some at these parties), but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a jam-packed intimate room full of such awesome looking folks. This feeling was bolstered by the fact that despite the room’s crowded-ness, I was never once hit on or inappropriately confronted. Winning.

Our group was perched on benches along the far wall, so we had a nice aerial view of the scene. Tale of Us worked the room, it’s no wonder to me that they are taking the EDM scene by storm right now. Back in January I tried to see them at a warehouse in Bushwick, but one of the duo couldn’t make it due to illness (it was a Tale of One). For the next three hours I was in a dance trance. The closeness of the room and the energy of the other dancers created an irresistible vibe. As it neared 4:30 a.m. we had to force ourselves to leave, as the unwavering bass was finally too much to handle.

I hadn’t been to the Pickle since a year before, but my previous experiences there had been nowhere near this caliber. The Tale of Us party was one not to miss. I like TOU in an intimate setting, and I will be sure to see them again when they come back to the Pickle.

Check out their track, ‘Dark Song.’

Interplanetary (“The Mood Booster”)

2 May

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